Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Choice

One day you wake and see the world,
The past seems strange – like one big blur.
The light and sharpness hurts your eyes,
You squint at first – avoid the light.
But you must try,
Must try and see,
The truth as it is –
Your reality.
One day, however, you will find,
That what you’ve tried so hard to see – the light,
Is not, in fact, the light at all,
Only a reflection
Only a suggestion
Only an illusion
And it has left you there to fall.
You will, like all, struggle to make sense,
You will, like all, try to find your place,
But that search will go without reward –
because you’ll look to the world Instead of your soul.

We all have a duty,
And so I have mine,
To give you a map
So your place you can find.
It’s easy, it is!
To lose your way,
It’s easy to do
when you travel all day.
When the sun burns
Your eyes
When the road burns
Your feet
When the wind burns
Your skin
And you forget
Where you’ve been:
Don’t turn your head
Keep fast your eyes
As you keep walking
Remember these rhymes:
Though I live in this place, where in shadows I walk,
Where it’s tough and its dirty and to no one I can talk,
I am in fact here, I’ve made it so far,
no one can remove my desire, nor can they this scar,
Left by the care into which I was born;
when I wasn’t inquired, when I wasn’t inspired,
when I made that first choice, and have made it again –
every day that I live – that defines who I am.

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